Do you have shopping OCD?

Test Guide:

Shopping OCD is a morbid psychology, and its symptoms are: the possessive desire for goods, even. If you don’t need something, you always want to buy it. I feel bad when I don’t go to the mall. I always want to spend money on things. Do you have shopping OCD? Come and measure it.

Begin the Test:

One of your anniversaries, your other half gave you a well-made scarf. Well, you look here.

What’s the shape of a scarf?

  1. Irregular shape
  2. The shape of a flower
  3. The shape of the drawing shaft
  4. Ordinary rectangles
  5. It doesn’t matter

Test Result:

Choose A:   The symptoms of your shopping obsessive-compulsive disorder are so obvious that, basically, as long as you’re looking at something, you’re going to try to get it. So, when it comes to spending money, you’re often proud of it. Although such spending habits often cost you more than you earn, you can still afford to borrow and borrow money. The source of this symptom is vanity.

Choose B:   Your shopping symptoms are normal. Although, you also have shopping desire, but often when deciding whether to buy, you will think again, whether this thing is cost-effective, is the most cost-effective. So you can always get what you need at the most affordable prices.

Choose C:   You’re a typical brand-name chaser, and you’re already a veteran of shopping obsessive-compulsive disorder. Usually, you just need to see a new product, and you can’t get enough of it. Even if you spend all your salary, you want to buy what you like.

Choose D:   You don’t have shopping ocd. You are heavy, light, and rarely lavish on material things. Open-minded you, life is simple and full. Your happiness comes from the spiritual level, never the material.

Choose E:   You can’t be a person with a shopping obsessive-compulsive disorder. It comes from your budget. You never waste, you never overspend. If you have the money to buy a famous brand, you would rather save it in the bank than spend it.