Health is wealth is a common proverb, it is said that a health of an individual is very much valuable than just any material things in the world, and this includes money. We all know that nothing is important than having a good health, you will never find happiness, peace, and success in life if you don’t have a good health.

Have you heard about growth hormone? And ask yourself… How is growth hormone significant to your body or in your life?

Growth hormone or somatotropin is an anabolic hormone that is made and produces by the pituitary gland. GH helps your muscles, tissues in your body as well as your bones to grow. This hormone helps muscles restore protein synthesis and fat metabolism; they use this to alert the body to use the fatty acids for energy, and it also helps to decrease blood sugar utilization and synthesis of glycogen.

It also helps to increase kidney flow, flat breakdown, cartilage growth, confinement of sodium, potassium, and nitrogen, as well as help the body to strengthen immune function. When your pituitary gland doesn’t provide enough growth hormone, you will experience a deficiency in growth hormone that can cause you some problems. Here are some of the symptoms that you can get if you have growth hormone deficiency.


For children:

  • Increase fats in your waist area.
  • Growth failure.
  • Your children may look younger than other children with same age.
  • Delaying of tooth growth.
  • Delayed of onset of puberty.

The most common treatment for the growth hormone deficiency nowadays is the growth hormone therapy; they will inject the growth hormone in your body. Your doctor recommends you to undergo some test of insulin hypoglycemia to determine if you have HGH deficiency.

Once you already been in growth hormone therapy, a doctor will require you have daily doses of growth hormone depending on your condition. The doctor requires you to have 4 to 8 weeks treatment so that he/she can monitor you. The doctor will make some test so he/she knows if there is progress in you so that he/she determines if you still needed to have growth hormone.

While at home, the doctor also requires you to have some self-care growth deficiency, here are the things that your doctor will require you to do at home:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Take a rest and sleep


Human Growth Hormone plays a vital role in our bodies function as well as being healthy. A hormone that is pretty much considered the new fountain of youth with all the emerging health benefits researchers say it has. GH is a substance that a lot of physique athletes have been abusing for years since its discovery. One of the effective treatment that you can find in the market is the Xerendip for sale. But, always remember that everyone, regarding what age should have to make sure that you have enough level of human growth hormone available. In reality, good health is more valuable than money, because money cannot buy good health and happiness so always make sure that you always take care of yourself. Begin to have a healthy lifestyle.