Boss Peptides YK11 Myostine: Achievement of better results in muscle growth

Boss Peptides YK11 Myostine is a supplement that has the function of inhibiting myostine, which reduces its levels drastically and guarantees the achievement of better results in hypertrophic terms.

This supplement is not part of those classic anabolic products that usually work by increasing the release of the two primary hormones, namely testosterone and GH growth hormone.

The integrator in question acts differently on the body, i.e. it will act on the increase of muscle mass and the reduction of localized fat, the product limits the action of the gene which in the body codes myostine.

YK11 Myostine: What it is?

Before understanding what myostine is we must understand that this is linked to the levels of cortisol in the blood, in fact the known stress hormone prevents the muscles from growing and favors their destruction. One of its mechanisms of action is the increase in myostine levels.

The discovery of myostine is very recent, we are talking about a hormone that blocks muscle growth, so it is an anti-anabolic. This represents a real obstacle to the development of muscle mass, in fact if on one hand the muscles produce myostine, on the other they also produce substances capable of blocking the negative activity of the hormone.

Studies confirm that the inhibition of this protein leads to copious increases in muscle mass, so it is not necessary to train and feed in a certain way while using a supplement like this, even if it is obvious that through training you will offer the body a number greater than plastic substrates and better results will be obtained.

The connection between boss peptides myostine and muscle growth and fat reduction is linked to follostatin levels, another powerful inhibitor. In fact, the higher the follostatin levels, the lower those of myostine and consequently there will be increases in lean muscle mass.

All this takes place since most of the myostine is found in voluntary muscle cells, so once the protein is inhibited, clear results are obtained, caused by the fact that follistatin would appear to act with satellite cells of proliferation.

Increased muscle hypertrophy and hyperplasia with YK11 Myostine

We have therefore seen how to have low levels of myostine and keep hormonal levels under control, leads to an increase in muscle growth, it is possible to take advantage of other synergies with other anabolic supplements, and you can then decide to use …

  • Testosterone stimulants such as tribulus terrestris or fenugreek seed extract, all extracts rich in steroid saponins that mimic the effects of steroids;
  • Somatotropin precursors such as arginine, glutamine or gaba, these are amino acids that work in perfect synergy to support hormone levels;
  • Leucine, considered the most anabolic of branched amino acids, acts on cell proliferation.

Now let’s see when it is best to use the product: we recommend taking a dose with water or taking the powder directly. The use of the product is desirable after training, which is when the body needs to be replenished in a short time for the construction of new muscle tissues. Now let’s have a brief summary of the product …

  • Natural product
  • Inhibits myostine
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Reduces body fat