Clean Morning Routine

My first class on home remedies was one on skin care. I’ll never forget that class because in just 90 minutes we learned how to make a face cream and a body butter. That was about 5 years ago and that face cream in particular is something I make for myself, friends and family.

That cream has always been apart of my routine. That class was the catalyst for learning more about natural beauty products. You see, I’ve had such problematic skin that in the past I couldn’t use anything without it potentially causing a breakout- including face wash.

My morning routine has changed recently with the start of a new job and my new found green beauty solution. I work in a law office in New Jersey and the atmosphere has the highest professional standards. I’ve never been the type of girl who wore makeup until recently. I feel that makeup kind of “ties together” a professional look and makes me look put together with even the simplest attire. So here’s my AM routine: Morning class of celery juice. I do this thanks to the Medical Medium who has started my journey towards a stronger liver and a bullet proof thyroid.

After my juice I exfoliate my face using a bentonite clay as I have dry skin. This is a slightly different from a mask. I simply hydrate the clay with water and rub it over my face like I would a face wash. I personally prefer this to traditional face wash. Next I jump in a warm shower and give myself a little bit of time to process that I’m awake. I’m not a “get up and go” type of a gal.

My body and mind like to ease into the day. Next I apply my super moisturizing face cream and sometimes rosehip oil, and I’m done hydrating. I slip into a robe and make a quick breakfast. I’m a 2 fried eggs in olive oil kind of gal. My body needs to start the day with protein and eggs are quick and predictable. Then it’s time for the fun part- makeup.

After switching to green beauty products, makeup is now the fun part. In the past I would worry about breakouts and itchy skin but these products are amazing. My concealer and foundation come from au Natural. Their entire line of concealers and creams feel so great on your skin. The company truly lives up to its name. I like to keep my day look as natural as possible so I stick with Reverence for my blush from Kjaer Weiss When it comes to lips, I love to play around and organic lipstick is harder to come by in a variety of shades.

I use a ton of different brands that I snaggedfrom this article on organic lipstick. After lips I’m a slacks, blouse, and cardigan gal. I’m literally out of the door as soon as I find my cardigan. That’s basically it. Green beauty has revolutionized my morning. I feel a lot more confident at work and I think this confidence is translating into confidence from my boss as well. Who knew that including a morning ritual could be so empowering?