Many of us have to manage, having to deal with everyday life with moments of anxiety, intense stress. Some figures go as far as stating the idea that today more than a third of the French population is suffering from crises of anxiety, moments of particular concern, of the most violent stress with multiple repercussions!

Anxiety: an emotion with multiple representations

What’s more disconcerting, more horrible than feeling overwhelmed by a wave of intense stress, feeling lost … Our anxieties are different from one person to another. For some, it is sometimes to feel that it is no longer possible to breathe, for others the feeling of impending death. Some have the feeling of lack of air, others suddenly feel so weak that they can end up causing discomfort, still others live daily, with violent headaches, hard to bear.

Far from violent crises of anxiety, it is also about having to cope with episodes of intense and violent stress, in the face of certain situations. Sometimes, some people are physically unable to speak at a meeting, to make a speech. A musician more than talented may be led to lose his music theory, paralyzed by the idea, by the anguish of playing in front of an audience.

Because you’ve been living that way for far too long now, you may have come to believe that this was normalcy, normalcy, you may have lost hope, you may not believe in the possibility to get rid of your anxieties, to overcome them, while it is quite possible! If you could think that taking drugs of all kinds would succeed in getting rid of your anxieties, know that another way exists … Know that it is possible to overcome the attacks of anxiety, moments of intense stress through of breathing exercise!

Breath, a powerful fluid of life to help you end the anxiety

Systematically, automatically, we breathe, we inhale the air that we exhale so, so goes life! This gesture is an innate reflex, shared by all the animals on the planet, but a gesture, a habit with many virtues, beneficent virtues that you probably do not suspect!

If natural, classic, and automatic breathing can not help you overcome your anxiety attacks, to overcome your stress, the breathing that everyone calls ” deep breathing  ” (which can also be called abdominal breathing ) can prove to be the best solution to overcome your anxieties.

Deep breathing is before all things, a breath you are aware of, a breath that you take the time to orchestrate with care, a breath that allows you to see many benefits, such as relaxing, to soothe you.

The benefits of this breathing are:

  • A chance to let go
  • An instant appeasement of the inner turmoil
  • A denouement of your different muscular tensions
  • A feeling of immediate well-being
  • A decrease in the level of cortisol, the stress hormone
  • A return to calm after a disturbing episode, violent, scary wish.

In fact, the studies that have been conducted on respiration have demonstrated the following facts:

  • Although breathing is an innate mechanism dictated by our brain, it has repercussions on … our brain
  • If we breathe in a gentle, calm and regular way, our brain then receives the information that we feel good, thus transmitting it throughout our body
  • When we breathe briskly, waved and jerky, our brain perceives a state of stress that it does not fail to fuel by triggering the production of cortisol.