What is liposuction and will it help me?

Liposuction is also known as lipo. It’s a medical technique applied in plastic surgery. While scientific evidence may not support its effect on a person’s weight beyond a few months, the procedure doesn’t affect problems related to obesity. This is one of the most commonly done surgeries across the world. With liposuction, common issues may arise. They are such as deep vein thrombosis, bleeding, infection, as well as organ perforation.

Liposuction enhances appearance

Liposuction can be carried out under general and regional anesthesia. The procedure involves making use of a cannula in navigating pressure in order to remove the fat. It’s worked well for individuals with good skin elasticity. Although the suctioned fat cells may be gone completely, the overall body returns to its original shape in the long run. This implies that it’s vital to go back to the surgeon for a regular health check -up despite maintaining a healthy diet.

Who needs liposuction?

A qualified plastic surgeon does the procedure on a patient’s belly, things, arms, or face in order to enhance their shape and appearance, liposuction may also be conducted with additional plastic surgeries such as facelifts, bum lift, and breast reduction. Being a viable candidate, one should have realistic expectations. The procedure may not completely get rid of the cellulite. Therefore, if you think that you’ll come out of the surgery table without some, you’re not realistic. Besides, the surgical procedure has risks. You, therefore, have to be in good health prior to receiving it. You must have firm skin and sufficient vitamins in your body. Doctors will discourage you from receiving the procedure if you have high blood pressure or are on blood thinners.

Different techniques of liposuction

There are various techniques for liposuction. They include:

Tumescent liposuction – Tumescent is a medical term that means swollen. The doctor will inject a volume of dilute lidocaine in addition to epinephrine to the area with an improper disposition of fat. As such, the targeted tissue becomes firm. This technique is administered under local anesthesia. It also enhances the elimination of fats in the absence of sedatives and narcotics. The solution numbs the affected area, thereby preventing blood loss during the procedure.

Dry liposuction technique- This technique is barely used anymore. Its name is derived from the fact that surgeons didn’t use injections to administer local anesthesia into the patient’s fat prior to liposuction. The technique was discarded following its blood loss side effects. Almost 30 percent of the tissues removed contained blood.

Having liposuction in Poland

Poland’s rural community is not only traditional but unspoiled. Over the years, tourists have been visiting museums, churches, workshops. Because the capital has joined the EU, there has an influx of foreigners travelling into the country to experience its rich culture. These individuals also seek the services of Poland’s plastic surgeons. Poland has some of the greatest clinics that provide liposuction. The lowest price of liposuction in Poland is about € 800, clinic in Poland. You can easily connect with leading plastic surgery centres in the area to receive various liposuction procedures.